Five Reasons To Study Abroad In Fiji

There are lots of reasons to study abroad in the small island nation of Fiji.

Here are five.

It’s Diverse
University of the South Pacific is a regional university with 12 pacific islands as its members. While classes are conducted in English, students speak a variety of languages such as Tongan and Samoan. 

It’s Affordable
The Fall 2020 program fee for ISA’s program in Suva is $8,950 (not including housing), making this the most affordable ISA program in the Pacific region! 

It’s Beautiful
Fiji is an island nation made up of more than 300 islands. There are endless beaches, coastlines, waterfalls, and forests to explore by boat, foot, bicycle, and bus! 

The Culture
The Fijian-Indian culture found in Suva is fascinating and unlike any other culture in the Pacific!  

The People
Fijians are known for their friendliness and closeness to family, and study abroad students are welcomed with open arms.  

Learn more about study abroad opportunities in Fiji.

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