A semester or two abroad at the University of Tasmania just got even better. Why? Because the University of Tasmania (UTAS), which is among the top 2% of Universities Worldwide, now offers specific study abroad certificate programs that are perfect for students like you! Amidst the natural beauty of Australia’s island state of Tasmania, you can now complete an individualized study program which will help you gain field specific knowledge while earning a Study Abroad Certificate of completion to add to your resume!

A University of Tasmania Study Abroad Certificate provides can provide you with the opportunity to live, study, and experience life in another culture, while focusing your studies on one of nearly 30 specific areas of academic interest. In order to earn a Certificate, students will be required to study at least three courses from those offered within each field of study which are outlined on the website.

Nearly 30 Study Abroad Certificate programs are offered. Here are just a few that are available:

  • A Business Taster
  • Aboriginal Studies
  • Creative Events
  • Entrepreneurship & Sustainable Tourism
  • Food for Thought
  • Marine & Offshore Engineering
  • Race, Religion, & Ethnicity

Learn more about this amazing opportunity  contact Cory Parkinson, ISA’s site specialist for Australian programs at the University of Tasmania or click here to  see a list of all the available certificate programs.



Emma Faucher, a junior at Castleton State College in Castleton, Vermont, was recently awarded a $15,000 NZD scholarship from the New Zealand government and a free flight from STA Travel. She will also receive a $750 USD grant from ISA.

The scholarship, backed by Education New Zealand in partnership with Generation Study Abroad, is for $15,000 NZD and a round-trip flight to New Zealand. GoOverseas.com, the organization through which students were able to apply, received 1,089 applications.

Each application asked students to give 4 reasons for why they want to go to New Zealand to study and to explain those reasons. Some popular reasons given were the “world class universities,” “stunning scenery,” “outdoor activities,” “adventure sports,” “sporting events,” “food and wine,” and “Indigenous culture.” Students chose from a list of reasons, then wrote a paragraph explaining why they chose that reason. This was the first scholarship of its kind offered by Education New Zealand, though the organization has offered smaller scholarships in the past.

Emma plans to study at Victoria University of Wellington in Wellington, New Zealand.



India is amazing. That’s the easiest way to put it. Unlike in the U.S., visitors will find that many states in India are completely different from their neighbors. Language, food and even attire can change as you cross from one state to another. And while the Indian cities of Calcutta, Mumbai and New Delhi may be the most recognized, Hyderabad is not to be missed.

Here are our top 4 reasons to plan your study abroad experience in Hyderabad, India.

1) Fly Under the Radar in the HI-TECH City

Hyderabad is the fifth largest city and the considered the “cyber capital” of India. You’ll often hear the city referred to as Cyberabad as the technology industry is largely centered there. The draw and charm of Hyderabad, and the state of Andhra Pradesh in general, is that it has kept much of its historic charm, despite the large influence of technology, making it a great place for students wishing to have a truly immersed and uniquely integrated Indian experience.

2) Old City

The Old City in Hyderabad has the Indian charm that all students hope to experience. The city’s wide, unpaved streets are filled with people in vibrant colors, an abundance of food stands and architecture that captures the eye. One of the most famous and notable monuments in this part of the city is the truly stunning Charminar. Also not to be missed is the cuisine in the Old City. Here visitors will find authentic Hyderabadi dishes such as Biryani and Haleem made with local spices and herbs.

3) New (Modern) City

Here you can find the typical amenities found in western culture: shopping malls, multinational companies such as IBM, and even a Chili’s restaurant. Although, there’s more than enough for students to see and do in the old city, this modern part of the city is a great place to venture when you’re looking for something a little more familiar.

4) It’s not touristy

While Hyderabad does attract a fair amount of travelers, our students never feel as though they are part of a herd that’s there to just look and take pictures. This makes Hyderabad a great place to study for students looking to branch out. Student blogs, photos, and stories speak of the new and enduring friendships, endless adventure and discoveries available.

A city such as Hyderabad, which is changing and developing incredibly fast, is an exciting place to be for students wanting to experience traditional Indian culture yet also get a look into the future. Hyderabad is close to incredible beaches, forests and cities and with inexpensive transportation, you won’t want to miss out on this study abroad experience!

Learn more about Hyderabad!

For more information about ISA programs in Hyderabad, contact Cori Cummings, Site Specialist for India.




What’s Cooking in Brazil?

October 24, 2014


The ISA Brazil fall group recently got together and put their culinary skills to the test in making Brigadeiros and Beijinjos, which are traditional Brazilian treats typically served during birthday celebrations.

Follow the recipe below to make your own and bring a taste of Brazil to your kitchen. Remember, a good cook always samples his/her creations!


·   1 can/package of Condensed Milk (395g)
·   3 tablespoons of chocolate powder
·   1 tablespoon of unsalted butter
·   200g of chocolate sprinkles
·   1 can/package of Condensed Milk (395g)
·   100g of shredded coconut
·   1 tablespoon of unsalted butter


How to cook:

1) In a microwavable bowl, mix the following ingredients:

- Brigadeiro:

condensed milk, butter and chocolate powder

or for

- Beijinho:

condensed milk, butter and 50g of shredded coconut.

2) Cook the mixture in a microwave on high for 2 minutes.

3) Remove mixture from the microwave (be careful, it will be hot!), mix with a spoon until the melted butter is fully incorporated into the mixture.

4) Return the mixture into the microwave, cooking for about 4 minutes. With time, the mixture will begin to bubble and its height tends to triple.

5) Once the height starts to decrease, stop the microwave.

Note: The longer the cooking time, the more firm the paste will be.

6) Spread the paste onto a large plate or baking pan and place in the refrigerator to cool.

7) To make the balls, place a pinch of butter into hands. Take a teaspoon of the cooled paste and roll it until it forms a ball.

8 ) To decorate, cover the Brigadeiro with chocolate sprinkles, and the Beijinho with shredded coconut.


For more information about this program, contact Brazil Site Specialist, Maddi Reising at 512-480-8522 with any questions.

To experience this and other Brazilian culinary delights first hand, spend the Spring 2015 semester studying abroad! Application deadline is November 1st!




10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Jordan

October 23, 2014

Cori Cummings is the Site Specialist for Morocco, Jordan, India and Greece Sitting squarely in the middle of the Middle East, Jordan, or the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, is more than just a desert landscape, filled with a wealth of historic significance and modern conveniences. While you may know a little bit about Jordan, here are 10 things that [...]

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Discover the Navigli – Milan’s canal district

October 22, 2014

Olivia O’Connell is ISA’s Site Specialist for Italy. Located in the northern region of Lombardy, Milan is Italy’s hub for fashion, international commerce, and business. It is known for being one of the country’s more modern cities, due partly to the fact that much of the area was bombed during World War II and had [...]

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